… is a leading pure-play home & living e-commerce platform in continental Europe and Brazil. Since 2009, we have been changing the way people buy furniture, lamps and home accessories. When the home24 brand was born in 2012, our goal was to improve the shopping experience and provide an extensive and great value collection of online furniture that addresses all tastes and budgets, making shopping an easy and inspiring experience.

Market potentials

home24 has fundamentally changed the way people buy furniture and home accessories, transforming one of the largest consumer markets. Against the backdrop of changing consumer behavior with an increased shift in demand from offline to online offerings and demographic developments, we are still at the beginning of steep growth with online retail in our industry.

Every year, the online proportion of the furniture retail sector increases. And yet, compared with other sectors such as textiles or electronics, it still has considerable catch-up potential. To tap this potential, we are providing targeted growth impetus. In this way, we have consistently succeeded in outperforming market growth by a factor of 1.5 to 2 in recent years. We intend to continue along this successful path and gain further market share.

What we do

We offer more than 150,000 product items in different styles. Our customers appreciate our wide range of products and styles. On our website they can choose from a relevant assortment for all living areas with a wide variety of styles.

We are completely different from the offline retailers - our opening hours are 24/7. Available from home or mobile, including all the other benefits of online shopping: no crowds or queues. Upon request, we also take over the assembly of the furniture once it arrives.

These are the focus areas that we continuously invest in: