"Acting sustainably" - aiming for solutions that have a positive impact on our customers, our employees and our planet - this is one of our corporate values that we pursue every day.

Honesty, integrity and respect are the main pillars of our daily activities and indispensable for home24. Compliance is therefore part of our corporate culture and promotes respectful relationships with each other, responsible conduct, and fair and sustainable business practices.

The home24 Code of Conduct contains our company's core values as well as other minimum requirements for responsible behavior within our organization. The values are part of our DNA and, together with our Code of Conduct, define the way we work together.

 Code of Conduct 

Our Business Partner Code of Conduct defines the minimum requirements we place on our suppliers. Among other things, this ensures that our products are manufactured ethically and under fair working conditions.

Business Partner Code of Conduct

We have also implemented a risk-based compliance management system to ensure compliance with the laws and regulatory requirements that are relevant for us, to prevent violations, and to be able to respond appropriately to such violations if necessary. Suspected violations can be reported to our compliance team via various channels, including the whistleblower system set up for this purpose. This is also possible anonymously if preferred.